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BL 102 LCD

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BL 102

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MERCURE Automatic Geyser

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The Best Geysers in India-BlowHot

With the winters nearing are you planning to buy a new geyser or replace that old dilapidated one? Then you might be surely puzzled with the various geyser parameters like type, size and most importantly the technology. 

At BlowHot we manufacture the best geysers in India– owing to the sophisticated technology, the coatings we lacquer to prevent corrosion,  as well as the immense variety we offer. Ranging from water, gas to electric you name it we have it. Constantly aiming to be the best geyser brand in India, we want to offer our customers the best at reasonable prices, making efficient use of all our natural resources.

Talking about gas and electric geysers, we strive to be different from the others. In our gas geysers, we use compressed gas to heat the water, which makes it quick. If you are happily single, and a simple Joe, our gas geysers are the pick for you, as they are suited for small families with limited needs. Why waste resources when not needed? If you are happy big family- our electric geysers are your pick. With storage and instant variants our products are indeed the best electric Geysers In India.

The haunting question- How do I buy the right geyser?

Below we have framed a self-questioning guideline with the right answers to your geyser choosing problems. After all we aspire to be the provider of the best electric geysers in India and we shall do every bit to prove it!

What factors does electricity consumption of water heater/geyser depend on?

Electricity consumption of water heater depends on

  • Volume of Hot Water used: This is the main driving factor of electricity consumption by water heaters. The more the hot water you use, the more electricity it will consume.
  • Tap (Input) water temperature: Places with colder climates need lot more heating than places with warmer climates. A water heater in Kashmir will require a lot more electricity than a water heater in Tamil Nadu.
  • Temperature of water used for bathing: Please note that this is different from thermostat temperature.
  • Thermostat temperature: This is by default set to about 60oC for most water heaters. Some heaters have external control to change this setting.
  • Standing Losses: Yes, water heaters do lose heat and this is calculated as standing loss. It is the heat lost through the surface of the water heater. BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) defines standing losses as the energy consumption of a filled water heater, after steady state conditions have been reached when connected to electrical supply, when no water is drawn. Much of this depends on the quality of material used for making the water heater. Branded water heaters are of better quality and thus they are preferred. BEE also rates only the branded water heaters.

How much water is required for my family?

A very straightforward guideline for the same is as mentioned below:

  • For bathing using bucket water: 15 L/person per bath (one bucket). If more buckets of water are used, then add 15 L/bucket.
  • For bathing using shower: 25 L/person per bath.
  • For tub bath or extended shower bath: 35 L/person per bath.
  • For washing clothes: 10 L/person per day.
  • For washing utensils: 5 L/person per meal.

So if there are 4 people in the household and all 4 take shower bath. Then the total hot water requirement per day of the household is 100 L. Keep adding the water per use as per the guidelines above and you will get the water requirement of your house.

What is the ideal temperature for bathing?

Although most water heaters have a thermostat setting of 60oC, which means that, the water is heated up to 60oC but can human body handle water at 60oC? The answer is NO. Water at 60oC is too dangerous for human body and can cause first-degree burns. Human body temperature is 37oC and any temperature above it feels hot. A temperature of 46oC is quite hot but far less dangerous than water at 60oC. So even though your water heater heats the water to 60oC, you need to add extra cold water to make it bearable. As makers of the best electric geysers in India , we are proud of the fact that our temperatures optimally heat water for your comfortable bathing experiences.

So does it mean that you should buy smallest volume water heater?

Depends. If the water heater is too small then the amount of hot water (even if it is at 60oC) will not suffice the need of single person (even after adding cold water). You will have to wait longer for the water heater to heat the desired amount of water or keep the output flow of water from the heater low. We strive to produce the best geysers in India, that ensure the ideal volumes for your usage.

So what is the ideal size?

Ideal size of water heater should be close to the volume of hot water required at one go. If people take bath individually and use 25 L of water, then a 25 L or a 15 L of water heater will make sure that the water is optimally hot when one goes to take a bath (at places where tap water temperature is not too low). If the tap water temperature is too low (especially in cold places) only a 25 L capacity hot water will work if 25 L of water is required for a bath. If water heater is connected to 2 bathrooms then ideal size is 25 + 25 = 50 L, because 50 L of water can be used simultaneously. This does not mean that 6 L water heater will not suffice; it’s just that it will take more time to heat the same amount of water or you might have to bear with cold water at the end of your bath. Ideal sizes are those that generate enough heat that are good for maximum instantaneous use. As top providers of the best geyser brand in India , we ensure all sizes are available as per your needs.

How does the wattage of water heater affect performance?

Wattage of water heater makes the water heat faster or slower. If you buy an instant water heater of 4.5 kW the water will heat faster than a water heater of 2 kW. At times a 4.5 kW instant water heater can also heat the water required for bathing and can save electricity (by stopping wastage of extra hot water). The only downside of 4.5 kW water heater is that it increases the electricity load of your house which means that you connected load will have to be increased which may increase the fixed charge component of your electricity bill.

Phew! That was a lot of information we gave you! Still not convinced we make the best geysers in India or are the best geyser Brand in India? Then come visit us and allow us to prove it to you in person!