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Built-in Microwave Oven Brands in India- a helpful trend 

Being the best microwave brand has not been an easy journey! 

Microwave ovens are one of the most popular kitchen appliances, and approximately 45% of Indians own it. BlowHot, being an experienced player in the realm of best microwave ovens in India, strives to be the master when it comes to manufacturing state-of-the-art best built-in ovens.

If you are tired of a huge microwave taking up valuable countertop space, then a built-in microwave oven is a good option for your kitchen. This microwave can be neatly tucked into a wall or cabinet to get some counter space free in the kitchen. It looks great because it integrates with the cabinetry. It is usually installed over the kitchen range or oven. BlowHot-one of the best Built-in microwave oven brands in India, ensures your needs in the best manner possible, in this regard.

Not all sizes and designs of Best Built-in Microwave Ovens can be installed into a cabinet or wall. There are a very few manufacturers that provide microwaves that are standardized to match the width of most ranges and the depth of most cabinets. We at BlowHot are striving to be the Best microwave oven brand by offering unique designs that are easy to install and use.

You will need the services of a licensed contractor who can ensure that proper installation is done.  As a pioneer in providing best built-in ovens in India, BlowHot, that proves to be one of the best microwave oven brands, ensures all your installation; service and maintenance needs are taken care of. The microwave should be safely bracketed into a space in the existing cabinetry. While installing, it is important to check if the microwave and oven are properly vented to prevent a potential fire hazard.

This type of microwave oven provides some free countertop space, which can be extremely useful in a small kitchen.

Points to consider before buying the best built-in oven or best microwave oven, that fits your kitchen like a glove…

1.) Simple or complex? If you like to keep it simple and just desire to reheat your food, a simple built-in microwave oven brand, with lower wattage could do the trick for you. However, if grilling, baking are your fancies, then the best built-in microwave oven would also need higher wattage.

2.) Compact and Full size are the two microwaves available so as per your need and space  of your kitchen, you can buy a compact microwave or a full size microwave. Higher wattage is needed for a full size or a large microwave.

3.) Considering Features : Different microwaves works on or have  different in built features . So before buying a microwave it is important to consider and understand those features. Some built-in microwaves have a convection option, some a defrost option, some have  grilling, and some even have a popcorn setting, tikka series etc.

4.) Programmable microwaves: Today buying a  new microwave is difficult as there are so many options available to choose from apart from a plethora of  multiple settings  and functions .Now the built in microwave lets you program your cooking time. For example: some dishes or food needs 100% power to cook at the beginning or starting and 10% power at the end. Go through your regular menu in your mind, and decide what kind of microwave oven brand would suit your needs!

5.) Comparison of different brands: Before buying a built-in microwave oven, it is important to do a comprehensive research on the brands that manufacture them as each brand lay down different features, prices and specifications. 

6.) Read Reviews! This is a must today. Reading reviews keep you well informed. As one of the leading manufacturers of the best microwave oven in India, we recommend you to read our product reviews, and you shall not be disappointed!

BlowHot, a leading manufacturer of the best built-in microwave ovens in India presents a never-ending collection of microwave ovens. Our models that could very well be termed as the best microwave oven in India such as the Built-in 40 L and 67L would surely not leave you disappointed.

Get rid of these tiring methods of cooking today! Let our diverse range allure you to the enigma- that is cooking.