This Festive Season- Slay In Your Kitchen And Home!

The festive month is here to greet us with lip-smacking delicacies; fun filled days and frolics with loved ones. Apart from all the happy banter, there is a lot to deal with as well.

Map it to your home scenario, and there are different ways you can view this situation. During a festive time, there are multiple challenges to overcome at home and we have listed them as blocks, and our Blowhot quick fixes for the same. Modern day issues are inconspicuous and we need to be smart to recognize them. So here we go!

Block 1- Time

During festivities, time can be your biggest hindrance, especially in the kitchen, if not respected, adhered to, and kept up with. It is a tricky one with so many dishes to be cooked, so many people to be appeased and in time- as hunger waits for no one. Yes, you may outsource cooking, but not cooking a single meal at home during festivals for guests, doesn’t seem a very nice thing to do!

Blowhot Quick fix- Multiple hob/Gas Stoves, burner

Gone are the days, when only 2 hob stoves were common. Today its all about speed and efficiency. In day-to-day cooking itself, when there is so much multitasking, a 3/4 hob stove is a real blessing. One is able to cook multiple things at a time, thus saving time and easily conquering the problem of unpunctuality! Blowhot takes it up a notch and even offers 5 burner hobs. Take a look at our hobs here.

Block 2- Grime and Humidity

The Indian subcontinent is humid and tropical. Added to that, the smoke and heat produced during heavy cooking is of not much help, and a real impediment to your cooking happiness. Majority of the Indian households today, in the jet age, are getting a tad irritated with heavy cooking, due to less comfort in the kitchen when it comes to a grime free environment. The grime and humidity produced makes a person feel weak and tired, and the cooking enthusiasm is lost. Now we don’t want that to happen do we?

Blowhot Quick fix- High end Sophisticated Chimneys

A chimney is not a new concept, but designs of chimneys are something to ponder about. There is a lot of science that goes into designing a chimney to make it optimal. There are different designs like Island, Vertical, Straight line and Horizontal, each serving a prime requirement. Take a look at our chimneys.

Block 3: Wastage of Resources

It is no new fact, that during Indian festivals and even otherwise, water, electricity and energy are wasted quite a bit. Too many people and events at the same time, cause a lot of mental hassle and one often forgets to switch off geysers in time, or keep a tab on the usage of resources. Festivals are no excuse to waste resources especially when we are in a age of dearth of the same.

Blowhot Quick fix- Our gas and electric geysers

Blowhot offers geysers that have an automatic switch off feature, even if you forget to switch the geyser off. For the more environmental conscious we even provide gas-based geysers. Take a look - geyser!

So there you have it, not many demons to conquer, but 3 is a crowd. Conquer this festive season with products from Blowhot!