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BOVENA Chimney

Rs. 16,990 Rs. 29,990

“Feather touch becomes a real experience”

You may have heard of the term “feather touch” in the movies or seen it in magazines. Get ready to experience it in the highest cadre in reality! 

Available Variation:

S: 60cm


  • 60cms
  • 1,200 m3/h suction
  • LED lights
  • Feather touch control
  • Noise <59 dBA
  • Metal blower
  • Copper motor with a lifetime warranty
  • Cassette filter with recycling mode
  • ABS oil cup


Motor: Lifetime warranty* ( 12 years )
Blower: 2 years'
Main PCB: 2 years

Please note that the warranty is covered for manufacturing defects. 
Physical damage in transit or otherwise is not covered

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