blow hot

Blowhot Suraksha Flame

Rs. 6,990 Rs. 7,490

“Being unique is better than being perfect”

Our geysers have their own unique modus operandi and use gas instead of other drivers. We are proud creators of India’s first ISI gas geysers. Not only are they efficient in terms of energy and operation, but also spare your pocket of unnecessary expenditure. Propelled by features such as automatic switch off and advanced thermostat technology that prevents dry burning, we are sure that this would be a significant add-on in your bathroom.


  • India’s first ISI marked Gas water heater.
  • Energy-saving, Efficient.
  • Fully automatic: Gas starts burning as soon as the hot water outlet tap is opened and you get hot water within 2 seconds.
  • Heavy Copper heat exchanger.
  • Thermostat for high temperature cut off which prevents dry burning.

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