Induction Cooktop

BlowHot Portable electric induction stove in India making changes in the art of cooking

Gas cooktops and electric cooktops were the common appliances widely used in our kitchen. And the latest from appliance technology is the introduction of Portable electric induction stove. Look wise it has a close resemblance with electric cooktop but operationally a bit different.

Your BlowHot induction stove performs the cooking using the induction, heating of the cooking pan directly instead of relying on traditional methods of radiation or thermal conduction.

We achieve high power and rapid increase in temperature while cooking and as a result cooking becomes extremely efficient and scientific.

As per the research goes, we normally use 65% of the total energy produced with a gas cooktop and 75% with the electric one.  In induction technology, we achieve 85 % and we save time, energy and cutting down our monthly payout to the electricity board.

Go for best induction stove in India – User-friendly portable version from BlowHot

Portable electric induction stove in India is a user-friendly appliance in your kitchen. One of the major reasons, for you to go for it is the “Ease of use” of this masterpiece from BlowHot India in addition to several features that spells convenience and comfort.

The cooktop never gets heated so much that makes the cooking a comfortable affair even in the middle of the scorching summer months.

-Since the cooking is done through the induction process the induction stove glass top never sear spills on as a result cleaning the unit after use is by and large a simple affair.

You can use a glass cleaner spray and then wipe down the unit gently with a kitchen towel and that’s all.  With regard to the ventilation, filters are inbuilt into ventilating hoods which trap grease and accumulating food articles.

Do’s and Do not’s of Induction cooking technology

The only limitation of induction technology, that not every cookware can be used.

Your cooking pan must have iron or nickel in it. Cast iron, stainless steel, and copper all will work fine but not aluminum vessels.

Best induction stove brands in India

Induction cooktops are available in various sizes and features. From the model with basic features, we have a wide option (more than 10 models) available in BlowHot that comes with semi-advanced and advanced features option and the pricing varies accordingly.

State of the art BL-1000-BlowHot Venus model offers a smokeless cooking experience and save cooking time and cut down your electricity expenses.

It comes with 9 automatic cooking function, child safety lock and is a shockproof cooking platform. Its classy feather touch screen and led display (for cooking chapatti items) truly makes regular cooking exercise a pleasure.

How BlowHot is one of the best induction stove brands in India?

We use a direct induction heating of the pan or vessels on contrary to indirect conventional cooking methods like radiation, convection, and thermal conduction. The technology allows a rapid increase in temperature and the cooking is conducted in a more uniform manner.

As one of the best induction stove brands in India, our induction stoves have an electrical coupling between the coil and the vessel and very conveniently it can be switched on or switched off. Owing to the induction technology the cooktop never gets heated up facilitating the convenience of cleaning, once the chef is through with the day’s cooking.

The best induction stove in India facilitates faster, efficient and healthy cooking. Healthy cooking is made possible through the consistency in the heating and that what the induction technology is all about.

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