Vapour Plus H-Series

Rs. 7,990 Rs. 11,490

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

“Being Unique is better than being perfect” 

Our geysers have their own unique modus operandi and use gas instead of other drivers. We are proud creators of India’s first ISI gas geysers. Not only are they efficient in terms of energy and operation, but also spare your pocket of unnecessary expenditure. Propelled by features such as automatic switch off and advanced thermostat technology that prevents dry burning, we are sure that this would be a significant add-on in your bathroom.


  • Glass-lined AC Coating
  • Sacrificial anode for extended life span
  • PUF insulation to minimize heat loss & reduce power consumption
  • Variant: 15, 25 liter 
  • Voltage: 220-230 v
  • Hot water temperature range: 30°-75°c


General Warranty: 1 year

Heating Element: 2 years

Heat Exchanger: NA

Storage Tank: 5 years



    15 Liter: 438*340mm

    25 Liter: 573*340mm


    Please note that the warranty is covered for manufacturing defects. 
    Physical damage in transit or otherwise is not covered.

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