A kitchen full of smoke could be one of the reasons for your breathing problems. Find out more about the effects of a kitchen that is full of smoke.
1. Respiratory issues
Ever wondered why the spices you put in your recipe make everyone in the house go coughing? The reason is linked to the diffusion of air with the chemicals released by the spices that find their way to your gut and make you gasp for fresh air!
2. Eye problems
Is the curry of your favourite recipe making you weep? This could be traced to the smoke that while you saute your vegetables and put that extra spice to your daal!
3. Excessive Sneezing
While the mistress of spices cooks your favourite meal, you might find yourself looking for a handkerchief to avoid that odd sounding ‘Aachoo!’ This is also linked to the smoke given out by the infusion of various ingredients!
Studies have also found that using a Chimney with a powerful suction, LED Lights, Touch Control, Metal Blower and a Copper Motor makes for a healthy and a smoke-free cooking experience. BlowHot offers the most exquisite range of Chimneys and Gas Hobs for your perfect health!

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