While in the west, electric chimneys are common-place, they are increasingly gaining popularity in India, where, apart from its functions, are also seen as a symbol of being with the times. It is being seen as the need of the hour in today’s modern world, given the increased health concerns among people.

In India, the Blowhot brand is known for some of the very best electric kitchen chimneys. Blowhot products include chimneys, cooktops and built-in gas hobs. Blowhot chimneys being filterless mean that one need not spend extra energy and time in cleaning them. Blowhot’s auto clean chimney feature is also great news for chimney buyers. In BlowHot chimneys, even the manual cleaning is very easy, with the filters easy to remove, clean and replace.

Given the style of cooking of Indian food, which usually involves a lot of oil, smoke, steam or spicy fumes, Blowhot’s chimneys are the best chimneys in India because they have got features that are meant for Indian cooking and Indian conditions. They can easily face the rigours of operations that are usually faced in India. For longer life, these hassle-free BlowHot chimneys are also equipped with copper motors to ensure that it is rust-free and work longer and better. BlowHot chimneys also come with metal blowers for longer life. Its oil collectors are convenient and easy to remove and drain out. With BlowHot chimneys, you have a choice and can select from filter-less chimneys and those with filters enabling one to adjust as per need and cost.

BlowHot’s world class chimneys are beautifully designed with trendy shapes, and features. It is fabulous in aesthetics, technology, convenience and user friendly features. BlowHot chimneys make cooking easy and convenient and kitchens clean and healthy.

Blowhot kitchen chimneys are currently unavailable online and can only be got at Blowhot flagship stores and outlets in many places across India like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Gujarat. It is backed by prompt and hassle-free pre-installation and post-installation service and efficient delivery.

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