In today’s times, the kitchen occupies an important place in homes and its design, look and features are an integral part of designer homes! Cooking has also taken centre stage, what with a slew of popular cookery shows featuring celebrities that are hungrily lapped up by global audiences asking for more!

Trendy kitchens are in vogue nowadays and designer kitchen chimneys, especially in India, are suddenly a must-have for those who believe they have arrived.

Among the brands available in the market in India, BlowHot is an exciting brand that definitely deserves a second look when it comes to designer chimneys. BlowHot designer chimneys are available in many beautiful, modern designs and unusually attractive shapes. In fact some of BlowHot’s designer chimneys hardly look like one, resembling instead, a high tech piece of art!

Speaking of high tech, BlowHot designer chimneys are as high tech as you can get. What’s more, when combined with world class modern features like auto clean, filter-less and so on, BlowHot’s designer chimneys look even prettier! In fact some of the designer chimneys made by BlowHot can even adorn your living room; such is their beauty, appeal and class!

In the BlowHot chimney series which consist of a wide range catering to all segments and price range, one can find all aspects that make it world class, and very attractive – the best of aesthetics, ultra modern technology, convenience and user friendly features. However, the most attractive feature of BlowHot designer chimneys in India, apart from their aesthetics, is the fact that BlowHot chimneys suit all kitchen functions and kitchen types, especially Indian conditions and Indian cooking processes!

BlowHot’s popularity is growing rapidly all over India. To match demand, BlowHot is continually expanding and is now available in stores in many states of India like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Gujarat. BlowHot, this world class, made in India brand, offers convenient retail shopping of chimneys with delivery options that are easy and secure. BlowHot’s free pre-installation and post-installation services are very convenient too. Considering all these factors, BlowHot designer chimneys should be one’s first choice for the kitchen!

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