For many, cleaning is undoubtedly the least liked chore in the kitchen. One has to clean vegetables before cooking, clean the platform after cooking and then clean the sink too. Cleaning takes up most part of the time one spends in the kitchen. With the introduction of kitchen chimneys, an additional cleaning task was added in that one had to scrub hard the filters and the internal parts of the chimney. And the task was made much harder with all the stubborn oil that clogged the vents and parts. The introduction of the ‘autoclean’ feature therefore, has come as a boon and has ensured that this chore is reduced drastically.

The Blowhot range of chimneys offers this feature too. In an autoclean system, there is an oil collector that collects the oil which can then be easily removed. In a non-autoclean chimney, there is no oil collector and the oil gets stuck in the filters and the internal parts, thus reducing the life of the chimney. In autoclean, oil does not get stuck in the parts and filters because of the collector. Also, because of the stuck oil in a non-autoclean chimney, the suction power of the chimney is drastically reduced, thus rendering it ineffective or partially effective. In autoclean, one just has to empty the oil collector just once in a month, whereas non-autoclean requires a lot of effort to clean clogged filters and this has to be done at least 2 to 3 times in a month.

Blowhot chimneys are also known for having steel blowers as compared to the aluminium blowers offered by many companies. This steel blower not only prevents oil clogging but also ensures longer life of the blower. Thus, these and other factors like its great features make Blowhot chimneys a boon for kitchens especially in India.

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